Arusuvai Masala

About Us

Who We Are

ARUSUVAI MASALA is taken from the traditional south Indian taste varieties that offer an array of exotic spices that infuses the flavors and enhance the aroma of your meals. Used in a million of kitchens every day, our spices have been popularizing India’s rich and age old culture since many years. Started from a home industry in 2009, Arusuvai masala has become the stalwart in the arena of spices.

The products that we manufacture are first procured from the agricultural field keeping quality as the benchmark and then processed. Having the vision to deliver only the purest, we pay extra attention while selecting the premium quality naturally grown raw spices. Right from cleaning them to evenly grinding and packaging –everything is taken care of by the advanced machineries in our factory premises, spread in the area of around 4800 sq ft. Our machineries are fully automatic which requires no human touch. The purity and richness of our spices is the result of advanced technology, maintained quality standards and rounds and rounds of uncompromised hygiene checks.
Nonetheless, we ensure that the aroma, flavor, freshness and the medicinal value that is inherent in them is retained. When used for cooking, the aroma that fills the air makes the mouth water and the stomach to release hungry hormones, which definitely has made us win many hearts and retain loyal customers.
Our manufacturing process is looked after by expert technicians who guarantee the finest quality of products. As spices lose their flavor and color in ordinary grinding machinery, we use Cool Grinding Technology and a combination of advanced technologies and traditional methodologies which keeps flavor and taste intact over a long period of time. We are very proud that our products are used worldwide in a millions of kitchens to add zest to their meals.

Our Vision

  • To become the most trusted, authentic, premium Indian brand by delivering the regional taste of India in all its purity and freshness to our customers.
  • To emerge as a leader in the food industry and become an integral part of every household across the world, by catering to their specific need and enriching their taste.
  • To justify that our resources can deliver a high level of quality with a high degree of homogeneity while maintaining a very high level of food safety.

Our Mission

  • To bring to the world a portfolio of quality food products that anticipates and satisfies people's desires and needs.
  • To provide a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
  • To make a difference in the society by building and supporting sustainable communities.

Our Promises

We assure that each of our products shall be created around natural produces and shall ensure that the taste best represents the origin. We do this by consistently using natural and wholesome ingredients and by providing transparency, quality assurance, on-time delivery and high service levels.
We maintain high safety and hygiene regulations as per Government regulations to safeguard our customers.
We commit to work towards identifying and eliminating instances of adulteration and avoid usage of all artificial coloring in our products.

We have the capability to offer these vegetarian spices with green concept and customized packaging in order to retain their freshness and aroma.

We deliver Pure Joy Sourced from the finest Farms for your delight..

Our Journey

The company was founded by Mr. Sunil Kumar in the year 2004, a first generation entrepreneur in the brand name Sri Masala, by manufacturing and supply of a single product Kulambu Chilli Powder (KCP) through direct marketing which later transformed into Arusuvai Masala in 2009 with 24 variants and 105 SKU’s. It was later incorporated into a company in the year 2018 as Arusuvai Masala & Foods Pvt Ltd with its registered office at Chennai and currently we have 4 CSA, 18 Super stockiest and 155 distributors with 24 crore turnover during the financial year 2019-2020.
Continuing on his inspiration, we then adopted several new technologies and emerged as a renowned brand in the epoch of packaged spices. Today, due to immense demand our spices is also planned to be exported to countries like the Austria, USA and UK.
Mr. Sunil Kumar has a great knowledge in identifying customer needs. Product knowledge, Constant market Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Networking Channels are his expertise.

Mrs. Sridevi Sunil Kumar is very fond of spices and masalas and by creating new flavors with different tastes, she has done a home research on spices to bring traditionally prepared recipes with authentic taste and framed specifications for masalas as well.

We’ve come a long way from being food processors to food manufacturers therefore we understand the subtle challenges that our customers face from time to time. We embrace them as an opportunity to serve our customers better. We offer the right products to satisfy the individual demands. We specialize in customizing the products to meet our customers’ need.
We strive constantly to provide innovative and sustainable solution to all our customers, thereby building an everlasting successful relationship with them in our business journey.

Our Brand Standard

Each of our products is created around natural produces. We ensure that our products are manufactured, packaged and delivered to our customers while maintaining the highest order of quality and hygiene.
Our aim is to be a partner to our customers and to add value in permanent & symbiotic relationship.
Our attitude towards our customers is that of serving first and selling second. Our business model is such that besides being a supplier we act as our customers’ advisor thus adding value each step of the way.
No compromise at any level is done, we adopt latest technology and maintain hygiene by following all the rules of government and hiring experienced hardworking team.
Every ARUSUVAI Food Industry product is micro-biologically safe, and free from all contaminants. Our products are Government AGMARKED, and conform to various food laws of different countries.
We believe in growth, but not at the expense of our future. We believe that agriculture and nature should cooperate instead of compete. That is why we are at the forefront of an ongoing search to find the best possible and most sustainable solutions that benefit our farmers, communities and our customers.