Arusuvai Masala


Product development is in our bloodstream, we continue to research our products to keep ourselves ahead in the industry.


We have an infrastructure that is capable of catering from a Start-Up Company to a Fortune 500 Company.


We provide complete packaging solutions – from printing and designing to logistics and delivery.

Who We Are

ARUSUVAI MASALA is taken from the traditional south Indian taste varieties that offer an array of exotic spices that infuses the flavors and enhance the aroma of your meals. Used in a million of kitchens every day, our spices have been popularizing India’s rich and age old culture since many years.

Our Objectives

We provide ARUSUVAI taste not only to food but also to life.


The Sweet taste (Inippu) builds the muscles. We build happiness in our workplace and in the society we live in.


The Sour taste (Pulippu) increases the appetite. We always have the appetite for more and strive to become the best in the industry.


The Salty taste (Uvarppu) secretes saliva and increases water intake. We secrete good energy and positivity in the atmosphere around us.


The Pungent taste (Kaarpu) increases blood circulation. We increase the sales turnover every year thereby keeping our partners and employees happy.


The Bitter taste (Kasappu) is a blood purifier and strengthens the nerves. We are pure in our thoughts, actions and also deliver 100% pure product.


The Astringent taste (Thuvarpu) helps in the digestion of food. We digest all the challenges and provide a happy working environment for our employees.

Our Products